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Biteable was built for video.

Can’t decide between Biteable and Canva? Biteable was built for video — and it shows. Keep scrolling to see the difference.

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Biteable vs. Canva

Feature Biteable Canva
1000s of video templates
Highly curated video template library
Custom animations
Stock photos and videos
Royalty-free music
Create a video from scratch using AI
Text-to-speech with AI voices
Scene transitions
Animated elements
Collaborative editing
Screen recording
Record yourself
Record Requests (invite others to record)
Video analytics (views, location, etc.)
A dedicated web page for your video
Download or store your videos

A dedicated video platform

Screen of a graphic design software, such as Biteable or Canva, showing a congratulatory team message with a central image of a woman celebrating, surrounded by design tools and effect options.

Biteable has been dedicated to creating the world’s simplest video maker since 2014. We’re all about video, and always have been. That means we:

Biteable makes video accessible for all. Start with an inspiration-packed template or start from scratch. Customize your video with layouts, animations, music, stock videos and images, and more.

While Canva is well known for its graphic design capabilities, its video tools are a relatively new addition to the suite. Canva’s video maker relies heavily on the user finding a complete template and making a few minimal tweaks — such as adding in a transition or changing the text. If you’re looking for more control and advanced editing options, Canva may not be right for you.

For a tried and tested platform dedicated to video, choose Biteable.

Pre-made video templates

Graphic showcasing elements of a product launch including brand colors, text styles, and logos created using Canva, with labels and a video conference on the right.

If there’s one thing Biteable and Canva have in common, it’s a love of templates. But not all video templates are created equal.

Biteable offers a curated and custom-designed selection of instantly brandable video templates specifically built with our customers in mind (think: marketers, internal comms teams, educators). Our templates can be used as-is, with a few minor tweaks, or can be completely customized and changed.

Rather build your own? Create your own template out of our pre-made scene layouts. Our professionally designed layouts give you from-scratch control with designer-approved results. 

Every Biteable scene and template has been crafted by Biteable’s team of copywriters and video design pros — you won’t find them anywhere else.

Canva boasts a large library of video templates that are semi-customizable for various purposes such as bumper videos for live streaming channels and exercise videos. These templates are typically short and niche, and don’t allow for extensive customization.

While some of Canva’s video templates have been created by Canva themselves, most templates have been uploaded by contributors and other Canva users. When anyone can contribute to their content library, there’s a lack of cohesion that ultimately makes it difficult to find what you need.

For a huge library of video templates designed by video professionals, choose Biteable.

Animations and exclusive content

Digital illustration showing diverse people using various mobile apps like social media, news, and design tools such as Canva on smartphones and tablets, against a blue background.

Animation is to video what PB is to jelly — it just makes it better. Biteable’s in-house studio team know this better than anyone — our motion design pros are responsible for every animation, character, and icon in our very extensive content library.

Biteable’s content library is diverse, customizable, and exclusive, offering countless benefits including:

The Biteable library is curated by an internal team of design experts who ensure all designs adhere to specific style guidelines, ensuring a cohesive and professional look and feel.

Only high-quality, relevant designs are included, avoiding overwhelming users with irrelevant or poorly designed options.

Consistent style reinforces brand recognition and strengthens visual communication.

Users can quickly find what they need without wasting time sorting through irrelevant options.

All design elements from templates to animations to music are properly licensed and authorized for personal or commercial use

With any of the Biteable subscription plans, users can access every template, graphic, stock photo, stock video, font, and animation to be used in any video.

Canva has a large library of templates and animated assets, but there are several drawbacks, including:

Most of the templates require a specific plan that users must be subscribed to in order to use. While the template may appear to be available, it may require a higher-priced plan.

The majority of Canva’s template library comes from designers in the community. While this has the benefit of creating a large library that can be difficult to sort through, there is no consistency to the designs. Love that scene from one template and this scene from another? There’s no easy way to combine templates for a cohesive-looking video.

The Canva video template library lacks categorization of how the templates are organized and presented. This makes it tedious to scroll through while looking for a complete template that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

Designs may vary greatly in quality and relevance, requiring careful filtering and selection.

If consistency, quality, and brand identity are important to you, choose Biteable.

Experience a video-maker built by video pros. It’s easy, affordable, and fast.

“Biteable is inexpensive, easy to use, and gives me a professional-looking outcome. The videos that we’ve made really look like something that we’ve outsourced to an animator.”

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