10 creative Record Requests to send your team (+ prompts!)

We’ve got 10 creative ideas for how you can harness the power of ‘talking head’ footage to amplify your message and align your team. Read on for tried and tested video prompts and ready-to-edit templates.
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re likely aware of the power of video. Video is a communications powerhouse — it’s engaging, accessible, digestible, informative, and fun. A quintuple threat, and an unbeatable asset for your communications toolkit. But no type of video eclipses the effectiveness and attention-grabbiness of ‘face to face’ footage.

The human brain loves videos of other humans looking into the camera. It’s the same stop-you-in-your-tracks trick that launched apps like YouTube and TikTok into global, viral fame. Whether you’re looking to be a viral sensation, or just interested in a new way to reach your team, it’s time to dust off your webcam.

We’ve got 10 creative ideas for how you can harness the power of ‘talking head’ footage to amplify your message and align your team. Read on for tried and tested video prompts and ready-to-edit templates.

What is 'talking head' footage?

Also known as “face to face” footage, talking head footage involves a person talking directly to the camera. You could be the talking head, or it might be a co-worker, or the CEO.

What makes talking head footage so effective is its authenticity — it’s an easy way to create a personal, genuine connection with many people at once, from wherever you may be. Perfect for hybrid teams or large companies. 

How do I capture talking head footage?

Biteable’s Record tools make it easy to record and collect footage of yourself, your screen, your co-workers, or your customers. Just hit record, and start talkin’. 

Create a Record Request to send a video prompt to anyone — they don’t need to have a Biteable account.

Write your prompt and share your link to skip the fuss of uploading, downloading, and transferring large video files — it all happens in seconds directly within Biteable.

Add your talking head footage into a ready-to-edit video template, or build your branded video from scratch. 

Learn more about Record tools here.

Team recognition video ideas

Make your kudos extra-special with personal messages from the team.

1. Employee of the month

Congratulate an outstanding employee with a video made just for them.

Send Record Request to: 
  • The leadership team
  • The employee’s manager
  • Co-workers who the employee works with often
  • Any direct reports
Record Request prompt:
  • Please share a short message congratulating [Name] for their employee of the month award.
Video template:
  • Add your kudos-filled video responses to the employee of the month video template below.

2. Employee appreciation

Keep employee morale high. Sing the praises of the people that deserve it most.

Send Record Request to:
  • The employee’s manager 
  • Co-workers
  • Any direct reports
Record Request prompts:
  • Give a shout-out to a person or a team who has made your job easier. Tell us a bit about why you appreciate them.
  • What’s one thing that you really appreciate about [[Name] or [Team]]?
Video template:
  • Add your kudos-filled video responses to this employee appreciation video template.

3. Team member farewell

Farewell beloved team members with a fitting goodbye for everyone (and a memento they’ll want to keep!)

Send Record Request to: 
  • Anyone who worked with the leaving employee 
  • Leadership 
  • Managers 
  • Direct reports
Record Request prompts:
  • Share a brief farewell message for [Name], wishing them well on their next adventures.
Video template:
  • Swap out the text-based well-wishes in the template below with your recorded responses.

Onboarding video ideas

Make new employees feel right at home with personal videos featuring the team.

4. New employee intro

Skip the awkward Slack or hallway introductions — give your new employees a chance to make a good first impression with an intro video.

Send Record Request to: 
  • New recruits
Record Request prompts:
  1. Introduce yourself to the team. What’s your name, where are you from, and what’s your new role?
  2. What’s something you enjoy doing outside of work?
  3. What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to, or where are you itching to go?
  4. What’s something you’re looking forward to now that you’re part of the team?
Video template:
  • Tweak the template below to match your questions, then add in your new employee’s video responses.

5. Welcome to the team / Meet your team

Now that you know all about your new employee, give them a chance to know you right back. Introduce the team to your newest recruits.

Send Record Request to: 
  • The team your new employee will be working with
Record Request prompts:
  1. We have a new team member, [Name], joining us. Introduce yourself, where you’re from, and what your role is on the team.
  2. Share a brief message to welcome [Name] to the team
Video template:
  • Edit this template to match your team, then let the team do the talking.

Recruiting video ideas

Add a personal touch to the recruitment process with footage of your team.

6. What it’s like to work here / Employee testimonials

No one is better at selling your company than the people who work there. Let your team speak for themselves with video responses to common questions.

Send Record Request to: 
  • The whole team
Record Request prompts:
  1. What’s your favorite thing about working here?
  2. How would you describe our workplace culture?
  3. What’s one thing you would share with someone thinking about joining our team?
  4. How would you describe the learning and growth opportunities at [Our Company]?
  5. Use 3 words to summarize our workplace culture
Video template:
  • Tweak this recruiting template to match your company, then let your team talk you up.

7. Congratulations on your new job

Give new recruits a warm welcome with a personal job offer or “congrats!” video.

Send Record Request to: 
  • Leadership
  • Hiring manager 
  • Recruiter 
  • Their new team


Record Request prompts:
  • Congratulate [Name] on their newly accepted job offer with us. Please briefly introduce yourself with your name and role.
Video template:
  • Instantly brand this template to your company, and swap in your recorded ‘congrats’.

Team building video ideas

Foster company culture with videos that get people talking.

8. Guess who's lying

Try this fun take on ‘two truths and lie”. Share in your company Slack channel, or during the next All Hands to see who can sniff out the fib.

Send Record Request to: 
  • 3-10 employees
Record Request prompts:
  • Send to most people: We’ll be playing a game of “guess who’s lying” with the team. You’ve been chosen to share a TRUTH about yourself. Please share a fun fact, or a “truth” that you’re comfortable sharing with the team.
  • Send to one or two people: We’ll be playing a game of “guess who’s lying” with the team. You’ve been chosen to share a LIE about yourself. Please share a fun fact about yourself that isn’t true. This lie should be just believable enough that the team could be convinced it’s true.

9. Employee spotlight

Get to know your team better by shining the spotlight right at them.

Send Record Request to: 
  • One employee comfortable answering a few questions about themselves

Record Request prompts:
  1. Tell us your name, where you live, and what you work on.
  2. What’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled to, or where do you want to travel next?
  3. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  4. Tell us about (or if you’d like to, show us using screen share) one big project you’re working on over the next few months.


Video template:
  • Take this template as inspiration for your employee spotlight video. Swap the text-based answers for video responses.

Marketing video ideas

No one sells better than a happy customer.

10. Customer testimonials

Let your customers do the talking with a customer testimonial video.

Send Record Request to: 
  • Happy customers


Record Request prompts:
  1. How has [your product/service] changed the game for you?
  2. Would you recommend [your product/service] to someone else?
  3. What would you say to someone considering using [your product/service]?
Video template:
  • Use the template below to share positive feedback with your team, or tweak it to become a powerful marketing asset. 

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