How to overcome sales meeting fatigue with video

Clear communication is essential to success in sales. If you can’t share strategy updates, product release information, and important metrics with your team, your sales will plummet.
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Ugh, another sales meeting?

Clear communication is essential to success in sales. If you can’t share strategy updates, product release information, and important metrics with your team, your sales will plummet.

But seriously. Another meeting? Meetings will always be a necessary evil. But most companies rely way too much on them. Just ask your sales reps. They can’t stand meetings either.

It makes sense they feel this way. By some counts, only 29% of the time we spend in meetings is actually productive. Every second your reps spend in a meeting — in-person or virtual — is a second they can’t spend closing deals, meeting quota, and earning incentives.

Video is one of the most powerful, and underutilized, tools for sales meetings. Use it to get the most out of every meeting and banish sales meeting fatigue to the depths from whence it came.

We’ll share three specific ways you can use video in your sales meetings, plus video templates to get you started. But first: why exactly is video such a secret weapon for sales meetings?

Why video is your secret weapon for sales meetings

Nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Yes, I get to attend a sales meeting today!”

The truth is, most sales meetings are poorly planned, incredibly boring, and last for way too long. It doesn’t take much to realize this is a bad combination. It’s also one reason why miscommunication is such a big problem in the workplace.

Confusing or misunderstood instructions cost the average employee over 170 hours in wasted time each year. And this doesn’t even take into account all of the details people miss simply because they’re on information overload or zoned out during a long meeting.

When your reps leave a sales meeting, you need them to be able to take all the important information you gave them during the meeting and put it into action on their next sales call. But that’s a tall order.

The latest buyer insights, new product features, sales playbook updates — this is dense stuff. It’s a lot to process and retain on a good day, let alone when it’s delivered during a long meeting.

Using video as a supplement to your sales meetings helps solve this problem in some pretty important ways.

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Video reduces meeting times

Because video is such a succinct format, it helps you avoid overcommunication during your meetings. If you create a video instead of making a presentation on a dense topic like sales performance reports or buyer insights, you’ll naturally focus on the most important details.

The fluff that usually pads out a meeting? Gone.

With plenty of visuals to help drive the message home, a short, two-minute video can convey as much information as an entire, long-winded meeting.

Video avoids miscommunication

In the digital world, our brains are conditioned toward bite-sized pieces of information. This is one reason that 72% of people say they prefer to learn information through video.

Animations, effects, eye-catching colors — all of these elements help keep people engaged and paying attention when they watch a video. And if they do miss anything, it’s quick and easy to refer back after the meeting is over. No need to slog through scribbled notes. It’s all there in the video.

Video is on-demand

In an ideal world, all of your reps will attend each and every sales meeting. But in the real world, people miss meetings. Even more so if your team is distributed in different locations and time zones.

A meeting recap video gives non-attendees access to the most important information after the fact. And if a rep or two snoozed through half of the live meeting, they can quietly watch the video, too. No shame there.

How to use video in your sales meetings (+ templates)

If your sales meeting is a delicious meal, your videos are the secret sauce that brings out the flavor and adds the “wow” factor. The question is, how do you use video effectively? Please step into the kitchen — we’ll show you how.

Beat sales meeting fatigue by using video in these three ways:

1. Meeting invitations

Video improves your sales meetings before they even start.

Would you rather get an email from your boss that says, ”Sales meeting, Friday, 11am. See you there.” Or a hand-crafted video that says, ”Join me on Friday at 11am to learn about our latest product release,” all while funky animations play in the background?

Option two is better, hands down.

A video invitation is an engaging way to get people’s attention and create buzz about an upcoming meeting.

Who knows? Your reps might actually want to attend your sales meetings after receiving a video invitation that makes your meetings look like fun. As such, there’s a much better chance they’ll arrive fully prepared and ready to participate.

Video is also a great way to set meeting agendas. What do you have planned? Tell your reps in your video invite and get everyone considering the topic ahead of time.

2. Meeting content

The day has arrived, the moment is here. Your entire team has gathered together to listen to you speak. What should you do? Try playing a video or two.

As we mentioned earlier, video delivers information in a concise and engaging way.

Sharing information in this format ensures your meetings don’t run too long and your reps actually remember the information you share with them. (95% to be exact. That’s how much the human brain remembers when a message is delivered through video.)

You wouldn’t want to share important product information with your team, for instance, only to have them forget the juicy deets as soon as your meeting concludes, would you?

Also, because video is such an efficient communication channel, your team will have a lot more time to brainstorm and discuss sales strategies during your meetings. This naturally increases attendee participation and makes it easier for your reps to engage.

Pro tip: Sharing a video during a virtual meeting? Read our how-to on screen sharing with audio.

3. Meeting recaps

Video can be used post-sales meeting, too.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been sent a Zoom recording, only to click the link and learn that the video doesn’t exist. One, two, three… Yup, looks like everybody has experienced this. If the Zoom recording does exist, you can probably count on one hand the number of people who actually make it through the whole thing.

Skip the Zoom recordings.

Instead, create a recap video to remind attendees (and anyone who missed) what you talked about, important announcements that you made, or anything else you think is critical.

In some cases, you may not even need to create a new video. You may be able to send the videos you played during your meeting. That way your attendees can access them whenever they need a refresher on key talking points.

Create your next sales meeting video with Biteable

Video is the best way to beat sales meeting fatigue — if you know how to create great videos, that is. Don’t worry, It’s actually way easier than it sounds.

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