Stunning video backgrounds for your next project

Looking to add some flavor to your videos? One simple way is to use a video background behind your foreground content. Whether that includes text, imagery, animation, or buttons, a video background can make your video more eye-catching and engaging to viewers.
Mountains reflected in a calm lake with a single ripple on the water's surface.

Though a video background might sound hard, it’s super easy with with Biteable. You get access to more than 800,000+ stock footage clips, all of which can be used as part of your stunning videos.

With so many options, the hard part is deciding which one to use! Here are a few tips for picking the right video background for your next project.

Moving/motion backgrounds for videos

You can use just about any clip as a video background, depending on what story you’re trying to tell and what mood or themes you want to convey.

Live-action footage of real people, places, and things can complement your text and help to instantly get your message across. For example, both of these video backgrounds immediately establish a fun, friendly vibe for your video.

Find this template (and all the others seen here) under Stock Footage when making a Biteable video.

Another way to go is with abstract or animated backgrounds, which can help you set the tone of your video and convey moods, feelings, and themes.

They can be soothing:



Or out of this world:

Some of the most popular motion backgrounds include water or fire scenes and animation. Consider what themes you’re looking to convey, and check out a few of our favorite examples of moving backgrounds in the videos below.

Water backgrounds

Water is commonly associated with life, and flowing water can also symbolize change or the passage of time. Cool colors like blue and green are common in water scenes, which are often considered soothing and serene in color theory.

Fire backgrounds

Along with water, fire traditionally symbolizes power or passion, but it can also suggest destruction, aggression or anger.

City backgrounds

Target a specific place or feel by making the most of our city backgrounds. From New York to LA, we’ve got you covered.

Video background tips

We know, with so many cool options available, it’s hard to decide — and you might even be tempted to use all your favorites. But picking the wrong backgrounds can end up doing more harm than good for your video. Here are a few things to remember when you’re choosing a background for videos.

Don’t distract

Remember, your background should play a supporting role in your video, so avoid making them too distracting. You want your viewers to focus on your content — typically the text.

Make it relevant

Your video’s background should relate in some way to the content in the foreground. If the text in your scene is showing contact information for a pest extermination company, don’t have a video background of a concert, for example.

Think about flow

If you’re using different backgrounds for each scene, consider how each one flows into the next. For instance, it would be pretty jarring to jump from a scene of kids playing, to a fire, to a scene of animated spinning triangles.

Generally it’s a good idea to stick to either animation/abstract scenes OR live action footage. We’ve seen people successfully combine both in one video, but it can be tricky to get it right.

Consider color

Make sure the colors in your background compliment the colors of the content in the foreground. You want a contrast to make the text clear, but aggressively clashing colors will look amateurish and unpleasant.

Relating to our point on flow, if you’re using multiple video backgrounds, consider the color from one scene to the next. It’s a good idea to establish a color palette for your video and ensure the colors from scene to scene are cohesive.

If you’re not sure where to start with choosing your own video backgrounds, Biteable templates make it simple with pre-selected backgrounds you can add your content to.

With a huge range of themes, from business and fashion to food and healthcare, it’s a great jumping-off point for any video creator. Pick a template, swap out or rearrange scenes, add custom text (or have no text at all), and you’re on your way!

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