The best video downloaders for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more

Downloading videos from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other sites might seem a bit redundant, since you can technically only download videos that you own the rights to. Why bother using a video downloader to grab videos you already own?

Mostly because high resolution video files are huge.

If you keep all your videos, you’ll quickly run into the need for a pricey cloud storage solution or a closet full of hard drives (also pricey). A video downloader enables you to outsource your video storage to YouTube, or another video hosting platform, and retrieve your content if and when you need it.

With a video downloader, you can also grab clips from your previous videos and use them to produce entirely new videos without the logistics of mass video file storage. Pull your old videos whenever you need them, and plug them into Biteable to create entirely new content using just your browser. No stack of hard drives necessary.

Read on for a primer on the best video downloaders.

What to look for in a video downloader

Given that the entire purpose of a video downloader is efficiency, it’s critical that the one you use meets a few minimum standards. Here’s what to look for:

  • No personal data collection. A video downloader should only need your email address, if it asks for any personal information at all.

  • Quick and simple to use. Your video downloader should have a simple user interface and be quick enough not to throw a wrench into your Youtube video creation gears.

  • Multiple platform support. It’s most efficient if you use a single video downloader to grab videos from all the video hosting and social media platforms you use. Unfortunately, depending on where you upload videos, you may not be able to cover all the bases with one video downloader. But relying on fewer video downloaders is better.

  • Malware free. Any video downloader that installs malware is disqualified.

As you probably expect, all the best video downloaders meet these requirements. And some of them go the extra mile.

Pair any of these downloaders with Biteable, and you’ll be using your old videos to make shiny new ones in no time.

YouTube video downloaders

The instructions for how to download a YouTube video will vary slightly from video downloader to downloader. But it’s an easy process to pick up. And most video grabbers have a walkthrough for new users.

With that, here are the best YouTube video downloaders.

NOTE: It is illegal to download YouTube videos that you don’t own. You should only use the tools discussed here to download videos for which you have full rights.

4K Video Downloader

The 4K Video Downloader hits almost all the high notes: it’s free, simple, and capable of downloading videos from several different platforms. It has some limitations, but it’s a solid video grabber.

The main feature of the 4K Video Downloader is right in the name. It downloads video in resolutions up to 4K, which is great for using your downloaded videos in new videos.

The 4K Video Downloader covers all the video quality settings, so you can be sure your downloaded clip matches the quality of the new video you are making.

The videos you grab using this YouTube video downloader are compatible with all video uploading platforms, so repurposing content for other channels is a breeze. The only downside is that it’s only capable of downloading videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

But, other than limited social media compatibility, this is a solid do-it-all YouTube video downloader.

YT Cutter

YT Cutter is ideal if you need a YouTube video downloader only for grabbing clips, as opposed to entire videos.

Rather than downloading the entire video, then using your video editor to snip the desired section, YT Cutter only downloads the part of the video you want. That way, you can plug the downloaded clip directly into the video you’re working on, without any trimming. This YouTube video grabber also downloads entire videos, if you need them.

But this is a YouTube-specific downloader. You’ll need another downloader to grab videos from social media and other video hosting sites. However, YT Cutter is an efficient option if you only grab videos from YouTube.

Softorino YouTube Converter 2

The Softorino YouTube Converter 2 is a legitimate one-size-fits-all YouTube video downloader.

It has a desktop and mobile app for every platform (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android). It’s capable of downloading videos in multiple formats, up to 1080p. And it can grab videos from almost anywhere, including social media.

The free version restricts some app functions, but most users will get everything they need without paying.


KeepVid is super handy if you just need to quickly download videos from YouTube. Getting videos from YouTube with KeepVid is a simple three-step process.

The only downside is that KeepVid doesn’t have any trimming or editing capabilities. But that’s no problem if you have an easy-to-use video maker like Biteable.

KeepVid can also grab videos from Facebook, Instagram, and over 1000 other sites using the same three-step process. This one is super ideal for people who already have a sophisticated editing process and just need a tool for getting raw video from multiple platforms.


Snaptube is another super quick and easy video downloader. It grabs videos from YouTube quickly and supports video quality settings all the way up to 4K. That way, you get whatever video quality you need to match the video you’re making.

Additionally, SnapTube is compatible with all the social media platforms and a broad range of other audio and video hosting services.

Pro tip: Stick your downloaded videos into a YouTube video template to create compilation, mashup, and content review videos in a snap.

Instagram and Facebook video downloaders

Most of the best Instagram and Facebook video downloaders are the same video downloaders that you’d use for grabbing videos from YouTube. But there is one that’s unique to the Facebook and Instagram video downloaders category.


Videoder actually used to be a YouTube video downloader. And it was one of the best YouTube video downloaders. But they’ve since discontinued YouTube support.

However, Videoder still downloads videos from Facebook and Instagram. It also downloads videos from almost everywhere else—TikTok, Vimeo, and over 50 other sites.

Also, Videoder is capable of downloading videos in up to 4K quality, for those who need to match the quality of their downloaded clips to the quality of the videos they produce.

4K Video Downloader

The 4K Video Downloader is one of those that also works on YouTube. The big selling points of this one are that you can download videos in up to 4K and the software is free.

Softorino Video Converter 2

Softorino Video Converter 2 also works on YouTube. It’s nice because it works on pretty much any device or operating system.

Unfortunately, the video quality is capped at 1080p. That’s not terrible. But 2K and 4K options would be nice.


KeepVid is one of the simplest video downloaders. Grabbing videos from Facebook and Instagram is a quick three-step process. So it’s perfect if you just need to grab your videos and go.


Snaptube is another carryover from the YouTube video downloaders category. It’s also another super simple video downloader. All you really need to do is copy and paste a web address to download videos.

Pro tip: Grab your videos from YouTube and use them as Facebook and Instagram marketing stories and video posts.

Twitter video downloaders

Most of the Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube video grabbers can also download Twitter videos.

However, Twitter-specific video downloaders are a slightly different animal. Most dedicated Twitter video downloaders aren’t standalone software. They work in your browser (just like Biteable!). All you have to do is copy and paste the web address for the Tweet.

This is super convenient. But it also makes most of the Twitter video downloaders essentially the same. This list will be short and sweet.


Videoder is the only Twitter video downloader worth mentioning that has downloadable software. It’s a very capable video grabber that can download up to 4K video. But it’s not as convenient as a simple web-based Twitter video downloader.

Downloader 4 Twitter

Downloader 4 Twitter is nice because it’s extraordinarily simple. The top of the page, where you paste the Twitter URL, has almost nothing except the URL bar. It’s very focused and quick. You can also download GIFs from Tweets with this downloader.


SaveTweetVid is nice because you can download both video and audio files, depending on what you need. It’s also free.

Unfortunately, it’s free because it’s an ad supported site. You get an ad every time you go to download a video, which makes the page feel less focused.

Twitter Video Downloader

The Twitter Video Downloader is cool because you can download videos from Twitter and then share them directly to another social media platform (so long as you own the rights to the video). This Twitter video downloader is also free.

The downside is that it’s also ad supported. And you see two ads on the home screen. It’s a bit cluttered. But it works very well.


TWDownload is free, simple, and capable of downloading GIFs from Twitter in addition to videos. It’s free, because it’s ad supported.

However, there’s only one ad on the homepage. It feels unintrusive, and the user experience is relatively focused, even with the ad.

Pro tip: Pair your Twitter video downloader with Biteable to quickly repurpose content from your YouTube channel into click-worthy Twitter video posts.

Pinterest video downloaders

Pinterest video downloaders are similar to Twitter video downloaders in that they work in your browser. All you have to do is paste the Pinterest URL into the search bar and the Pinterest video downloader grabs the video for you.

Even though they’re all a bit similar to each other, these are the best Pinterest video downloaders to choose from.

Keep Save It Video Downloader

The Keep Save It Video Downloader is simple and free, which is about as good as it gets.

This is an ad supported service, but the ad is rather minimal. The site is pretty uncluttered and focused.

Experts Tool

Experts Tool is cool because it grabs images, GIFs, and videos from Pinterest. So you can get just about any sort of visual media that you need from Pinterest. And the service is free.

The service is ad supported, which isn’t bad on its own. However, the site uses those distracting ads that are designed to trick you into clicking. That’s a little annoying. But the site is still quick and easy to use.

Experts Trick

Experts Trick is one of the few Pinterest video downloaders that’s not supported by ads. So the homepage is very clean. It’s just a search bar and some text that explains how to use the service. Expert Trick also has a Chrome Extension for more streamlined video downloading.

Experts PHP

Experts PHP is a good Pinterest video downloader, since it’s maxed out on video quality (720p). And it’s capable of downloading images and GIFs also. It’s not the only one with these capabilities, but it’s a solid option.

Unfortunately, the homepage is a bit cluttered with ads. Yes, it’s free. But you have to scroll past the ads to get to the search bar to paste the URL. The user experience could be better.

Pro tip: Download your best-performing Pinterest videos to get great video clips for your Pinterest video ads.

Reddit video downloaders

Some of the same video downloaders that grab videos from Twitter and other social media platforms also have Reddit video downloaders. But there are a couple that are exclusively for downloading videos from Reddit.

If you need to get videos from Reddit, check out these Reddit video downloaders.


KeepVid is also one of our recommended YouTube video downloaders. The great thing is that the KeepVid Reddit video downloader is even simpler than the YouTube video downloader. It’s a completely web-based service that works in your browser. Just copy and paste the Reddit URL to grab a video from Reddit. Simple and free.

Keep Save It

Keep Save It also works on Reddit links. The website is the same, with the same clean interface. And you get video downloads in up to 1080p.


SnapDownloader is one of the few Reddit video grabbers that can be downloaded. It might be a bit less convenient than a web-based service, but there are benefits to using an app.

The user interface is simple and well-polished; there are no ads. And SnapDownloader helps you manage your downloaded videos. Even with the extra step of downloading the software, SnapDownloader is an efficient video grabber.


Viddit.Red is a web-based Reddit video downloader that has a cleaner site than most of the competing browser-based options. All you have to do is copy and paste the target Reddit URL to grab a video. And there are no ads. The experience is quick and distraction-free.

Get all the video you need

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