Where to find characters and animations for your videos

Five illustrations on a gradient background, suitable for Biteable video maker; includes a robot, gem, high-fiving people, a downturned arrow with charts, and a woman with a robot.

Supercharge your message with sleek, branded animations. Skip the search for diverse, versatile, high-quality characters and animations, cause we’ve got all the answers right here.

Keep reading to uncover a treasure trove of animations available for you to use right now.

The benefits of using animations in your videos

Animations aren’t just eye candy — they bring a whole new dimension to your videos. By incorporating high-quality animated elements, you can:

  1. Captivate and engage: Animations capture attention and keep viewers hooked, making your message memorable and impactful.

  2. Simplify complex ideas: Animated characters and icons can simplify complex concepts, making them easier to understand and digest.

  3. Add personality: Animations allow you to inject your brand’s personality into your videos, creating a unique and memorable experience for your audience.

Where to find brandable animations for your videos

Look no further than Biteable’s extensive animation library. Biteable’s animations are built by an in-house studio team, so you won’t find them anywhere else. 

Choose from a variety of characters, animations, and icons for all types of messages. They’re brandable and many allow you to customize elements like skin and hair color to reflect the diversity of your audience or team. 

Below are just a handful of the characters and animations available right now in the Biteable video maker. To see them all, and unlock access to hundreds of studio-quality animations, start your free 7-day trial now.

Workplace characters

Ideal for workplace communication, these workplace characters are customizable — change the color of their skin, hair, clothes, and more. There are currently over 200 animations in the Workplace stack, just waiting to be added to your next video.






Clay animations

These beloved clay characters have been with Biteable for years, and for good reason — they’re a sure-fire way to impress. Make an impact with claymation scenes so good no one will want to look away. There’s around 50 different claymation scenes available in Biteable right now.






3D animated character Cindi

This is Cindi, Biteable’s first 3D character. She’s versatile, professional, and customizable — switch up the color of her clothes to match your video. Cindi is the perfect way to keep your content engaging and professional. Find 21 Cindi scenes waiting for you in Biteable right now.



Taking a look



Essential icons

Looking for something less character-driven? No problems, we have icons too. These essential icons are just one of Biteable’s icon collections — you can find more in the editor. These animated icons are brandable and ideal for boosting your message without too much of a distraction. Choose from hundreds of animated icons just like these.






Animated character Frank

Frank is one of Biteable’s weird and wonderful characters (there’s robots, blobs, and bears, too!). He’s a funky little guy who’s ready to transform any dull text into an unmissable, unforgettable video. Find Frank doing 50 different animated things for every message — start your free 7-day trial now.


Break a sweat

Great job

New launch

High five

How to customize characters and animations

It’s easy to customize animations to your brand in Biteable. If you’ve set up your brand, animations will be instantly branded to your brand colors — but you can always update the colors in the editor. 

To customize your animation colors in Biteable:

  1. Add your preferred animation to your video 
  2. Select the animation on your video canvas 
  3. Tweak the animation colors on the right side of your canvas
Two people having a conversation, one pointing while the other listens, illustrated on a simple blue background in a Biteable video maker style.

Representing diversity in your animations

Some animations, like the Workplace stack, let you customize skin tones, hair colors, clothes colors, and more. For our in-depth guide on how to accurately reflect the diversity of your audience or team, including diverse HEX codes, take a look at our guide below:

Abstract graphic with a play button surrounded by various shapes on a purple background.
How to include diversity in your internal comms videos

Unlock access to hundreds of animations with Biteable

There’s a treasure trove of characters and animations just waiting for you in the Biteable video maker. Start your free 7-day trial today to browse them all and start creating unmissable animated videos in minutes.


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