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Engage like a pro with stunning ads

All those customers you’ve been dreaming of are online in one place: Facebook. Engage them with Facebook video ads so beautiful they can’t be ignored.

Biteable’s professionally created templates are the fastest route to amazing Facebook video ads. Simply pick a template, insert text, photos or videos, then save and share. It’s that easy.

[Our] two most successful Biteable videos have received 31M and 34M views [on Facebook]. A couple over 5M views and there were a few that didn’t do as well – around 300K views. So as a rough estimate, over 82 million views in total.

— Zina Magomet, Greater Minds

Create your Facebook video ad in minutes

  1. Open Biteable on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
  2. Choose a Facebook video ad template. New options are added regularly.
  3. Log in or make a new Biteable account — sign up for free.
  4. Customize your template with text, photos, and videos. Or start from scratch with our big library of ready-to-go animation, footage, and effects.
  5. Share your video ad instantly to Facebook or download it for your Facebook video ad campaign.

Use Facebook video ads to take your business further

One of the biggest challenges for small and medium businesses is getting the world to see your (fantastic) product or service. You know you’ve got something great to offer, but finding potential customers and convincing them to buy is a challenge.

Thankfully, you’ve got Facebook. Even more thankfully, there are Facebook video ads. Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world, with billions of people just waiting to be informed about your offer. The best way to engage them? Video ads.

Be more effective than television ads

Facebook favors video content (because they know people love it), and that means video ads have the highest chance of being seen. It’s so effective that, according to one study, Facebook videos reach 37% more Americans aged 18-24 than television does.

So your question shouldn’t be whether or not to make video ads, but how can you make video ads like a pro (without wasting time, money, or valuable mental energy)?

Invest as little as you like

Imagine engaging and enchanting your Facebook audience daily on a tiny investment. It’s possible, and easier than you think. With Biteable, you can make seriously professional videos with a seriously unprofessional budget.

All you need is a few minutes a day to turn out video ads with big-budget looks. No skill required.

Do it all yourself

Biteable’s instant templates mean professional storytelling and studio-quality videos are now within your reach. No need to hire a freelancer or a studio.

Simply pick a style you like and drop in some text. If you’re feeling creative, you can also customize it with your own videos, photos, and music. Uploading and editing is a snap thanks to Biteable’s foolproof design.

Be the one to watch

Eclipse your competitors with stunning ads (that you made in minutes).

The secret to successful Facebook video ads

Making gripping Facebook video ads is as simple as baking a cake (as long as you follow the recipe). Follow these simple tips from our studio team and you’re sure to bake up something that everyone wants to taste.

Start with a bang

An attention-grabbing intro is essential for a successful video. Intriguing and strong statements make people want to watch. As do big effects and beautiful animation that catches the eye.

A tried-and-tested approach is to start your video with the problem that your product or service solves. It creates a bond with the customer and intrigues them as to your solution. On the flip side, if the problem you solve is a universal one, open with your solution to get them interested.

Keep your video ads short and sharp

Length is everything on Facebook, so be sure to keep your video ads as short as possible. Shorter videos have higher engagement rates and are likelier to be watched to the end.

Another fantastic thing about short video ads is that they loop automatically on Facebook. Videos under 30 seconds replay endlessly, meaning there’s no need for the user to hit the play button. The result? A whole lot more views.

Let the text do the talking

Most people consume Facebook video ads with the sound off, so you can’t rely on music to grab people’s attention. Witty, strong, and intriguing statements are the order of the day. Likewise, profound quotes that resonate are easy winners.

Be sure to keep your text short and sharp so that viewers have time to read every word. Your video will be moving fast, so your text needs to be written for speedy consumption. Script your video effectively for best results.

Get your Facebook video ad right first time

Now you’ve got your script nailed, you’ll also need to consider what you want your video to achieve, along with any limitations unique to Facebook. This will prevent you from getting caught out at the end.

Pick a clear objective to guide you

What viewers do after they watch your Facebook video ad is even more important than getting them to watch in the first place. You might want them to remember your brand or shop straight away. Maybe you’re keen on them messaging you so you can build up more leads.

Whatever it is, choose carefully. When you upload your video ad to Facebook, you’ll be forced to select an objective. This helps Facebook deliver your video to the right audience, ensuring the best result.

Keep Facebook’s specs in mind

Facebook has a handful of technical limitations that you need to respect when uploading your video. They include format, aspect ratio, and file size.

Thankfully, these are all integrated into Biteable, so you can be confident that your video won’t get knocked back. Simply hit the share button in Biteable after you create your video.

Play by the rules (or risk being punished)

Facebook also has a few rules about video ad content that you’ll need to adhere to. In a nutshell, your video ad can’t be offensive, can’t make false claims, and can’t promote anything illegal. Follow your common sense and you won’t have any issues.

Earn more from mobile with Facebook Canvas video ads

These days, Facebook is viewed more on mobile than anywhere else. Use Facebook’s latest video ad service, Canvas, to engage people on the go (with staggering ease).

Canvas gives users a full-screen video experience that’s more immersive than a regular video ad. It allows you to complement your video with text and lifestyle photography so you can present your brand in its full glory.

Start simple with what you’ve got

If you’re smart about it, you can start using Canvas without generating new assets. First, make a (fantastic) video in Biteable. Then, combine it with existing content from your website, like text and photos.

Canvas works like a slideshow that the user controls. It allows you to intrigue viewers with your video, then get them swiping to learn more about you.

Make users want to discover you

A staggering 53% of users who open a Facebook Canvas ad watch it all the way to the end. This is great news for small businesses like yours that want to get more bang for their buck.

Here’s how to get your viewers truly immersed in your Canvas ad: treat it like a story. Get them excited to find out how it ends. If there’s more to discover, there’s a greater chance they’ll keep on swiping.

Close the deal on every slide

Traditionally, the call to action (CTA) goes at the end. Not with Canvas. Catch as many viewers as possible with a prominent CTA on every slide.

Get inspired by one of these big-budget productions, then make your own ad over a cup of coffee. With Canvas and Biteable at your command, the sky’s the limit.

Become a Facebook video ad guru

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