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Make sales videos that align teams and help them close more deals. Biteable sales video maker gives you a smart, powerful video-making platform with all the visual resources you need to create sales videos that drive action.

How to make sales videos in minutes

Pick your favorite template or build your own with pre-made animated scenes.

Use Biteable’s online marketing video maker to customize your text, add pre-built video scenes and animations, or upload your own.

Share your commercial to all your platforms with a single, trackable link (or download it for later).

Pat yourself on the back, you legend.

Make sales videos that engage reps and drive action

Done-for-you visuals

Ready-made scenes and brandable templates make video creation as easy as filling in the blanks.

Point-and-click editing

Customize your video with an intelligent editing experience. Let Biteable do the heavy lifting.

Beautiful branding

Add your company colors to ready-made scenes and templates with the click of a button.

Getting started

Biteable puts sales team videos within your reach

Biteable simplifies everything about creating videos for sales teams, from inspiration to final publishing.

Brandable scenes and templates give you a framework for your ideas, instead of leaving you to fill in a blank video timeline from scratch. The asset library is stuffed full of feature animations, characters, live footage, and more to help you make every video a visual masterpiece.

An intelligent editing workflow takes the uncertainty out of making sales videos. Add your company colors to brandable templates and scenes in a few easy clicks. Record first-person footage or add a voice-over without ever leaving the app. When your sales video is finished, share it with a clickable link and see how much engagement you get with built-in analytics.

Create sales videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand video ads. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

What Biteable users say

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“I was looking at what we were doing, and how much we were spending, and knew we could do something better. Then I found Biteable.”

The basics

How to create a sales video for your team

1. Start a free Biteable trial

Start with a free Biteable trial that gives you 7 days to create as many sales videos as you can make in a week. With Biteable, that’s quite a few videos.

2. Get all your scenes and visuals in place with a template

Biteable has templates specifically designed to engage, inform, and inspire sales teams to action. Choose a template that matches your message, and you’re about halfway done with your video. Need extra scenes? Choose from hundreds and add to your video with a single click.

3. Brand your video

Use the Biteable brand builder to fetch your company colors and logo from your website and create color combinations that match your company branding to a tee. Automatically apply your company colors to any brandable template or scene.

4. Add your message and creativity

Add your message to any template or scene by simply clicking and editing the text. Use Make it your own by recording footage, popping in a voice-over, or recording your screen — all without leaving the app.

5. Share your sales video and track engagement

Download your sales team video, or even easier, share it with a clickable link. Then use Biteable video analytics to track engagement and know with confidence that your video was well received.

Get a better video ad by the end of the day with Biteable

See the difference a video ad makes with a week’s worth of free videos for your business.

How to use video to align your sales team

Sales education

Use video for product updates, sales messaging guides, and even sales rep training.

Team announcements

Recognize top performers, announce team meetings, and send policy updates in style.

Performance reporting

Make your reports more engaging and more memorable by turning them into videos.


Answers to the big sales video questions

Maybe you’re familiar with using video for sales teams, or maybe you’re not. Either way, we’ve got answers to make sure everything is crystal clear.

What are sales videos?

There are two types of sales videos: external sales videos that communicate with customers, and internal sales videos that communicate with sales teams. External sales videos attract and inform customers. Internal sales videos align sales teams, build more cohesive sales departments, and improve overall sales performance.

Why are sales videos important?

Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate. Sales videos are important because they make any message easier to process, more engaging, and more memorable. This is true regardless of whether you’re communicating with customers or communicating with your sales team.

How do I update field sales teams with video?

Sending video files to field sales teams is cumbersome. The easiest way to update field sales teams with video is to send your video via a clickable link. The link can be copied and pasted into emails, instant messages, and even text messages. Sales reps simply click to watch.

Pro tips

5 tips to make amazing sales videos, every time

Here are some simple best practices that will help you get results with your sales videos.

Use your sales videos to create brand awareness

Whether you’re making an internal sales team video or a customer-facing sales video, it’s best to brand it.

Internal videos sometimes get distributed externally, especially when you make training videos or product updates. If these sales videos are branded, your company gets some free publicity. Branding also makes your videos look more professional, in any context.

All you have to do is upload your logo into Biteable’s brand builder, add your logo to your intro and outro scenes, and — boom! — your video is branded.

Be intentional with your color schemes

The Biteable brand builder automatically fetches your company colors from your website and creates up to six combinations from those colors. Use these color combinations to add your company color scheme to any video.

But you can go one step further and also use your company colors. You can also use your color scheme to differentiate each type of sales video.

For example, videos for customers can use one color combination and sales team videos can use another color combination. Or you can get more granular and use all six color combinations for six video types. This makes your videos more recognizable and creates thematic branding based on your video content.

Follow a consistent structure

The main purpose of sales team videos is to deliver information and drive action. To that end, it’s best if your videos follow a consistent pattern so viewers know what to expect. Surprises aren’t good for communication.

There’s a sales pitch format that also works great for the structure of your sales team videos: tell them, tell them again, tell them what you told them.

Start with an opening scene that states what the video will cover, deliver the main points in the middle of the video, and close with a scene that summarizes everything.

There are other ways to structure videos. But, it’s best to choose one and stick to it.

Make your videos more engaging with movement

There’s nothing wrong with images. But the power of video is that you can use footage and animations to support your point and make your message more engaging.

Most sales professionals don’t have the resources to create these visuals for every video. That’s why sales videos often lean too heavily on static imagery.

Biteable solves that problem with a huge library of animated text and scenes, plus tons of stock footage to give you all the resources you need to make your sales videos engaging and visually impressive.

Use your videos to drive action

As a sales professional, you know that inspiring action is the ultimate goal of any sales pitch or message. This applies to internal sales videos, too. And the best way to drive action is to ask for it.

Adding a clickable call-to-action is easy in Biteable. When you export your video, there’s an option to add a call-to-action button. Plug in a few words to tell people what to do next, and you’re all set.

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