Building trust (and generating leads) with video: how Focus Group Contabilidade does it

In any business, building trust with your customers is key. But it’s all the more important when your clients are other companies, and your business is based on something as important as handling as their money.
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That’s the case for Focus Group Contabilidade, an accounting, consulting, and financial management firm for small, medium, and large companies. 

Based in Itu, a small city in Brazil, Focus Group Contabilidade (Contabilidade means ‘accounting’ in Portuguese) told us that after they started making videos with Biteable, they saw an increase of up to 150% in the number of visits to their site. 

Moreover, their clients were so impressed with the quality, they were asking which marketing company produced them — little did they know, Focus Group’s marketing team had created them all in-house! 

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A conversation with marketing manager Ricardo Leme

We chatted with Ricardo Leme of Focus Group Contabilidade to learn how they discovered Biteable and how they use it to promote their business. 

Biteable: Tell us about your business and your role there.

Ricardo: We are Focus Group Contabilidade, a small accounting firm in the interior of Brazil. I’m the Marketing Manager. 

Biteable: How did you discover Biteable and why did you start using it?

Ricardo: We needed to produce video content, but the cost of the more well-known tools made them not feasible for us, so we looked for simple options that would impact our customers. A client told us about Biteable and we decided to try a test with two videos. They were a success!

Biteable: What measurable effects have your Biteable videos had?

Ricardo: We have measured growth in the number of calls or website visits after we publish content with the videos. Customers see professional content and feel more secure in contacting us.

Biteable: What reactions have you had to your videos?

Ricardo: In addition to producing videos for our social media, we have a TV in our reception area to show our services to our customers. 

After the videos produced with Biteable, we’ve received several recommendations and questions about how we produce these high-quality videos.

Biteable: Have you had any other successes with Biteable videos?

Ricardo: Certainly! Customers who come to visit us and watch the videos on our TV ask our marketing department which tool was used to produce the high-quality content.

Biteable: What different things do you do with your Biteable videos — e.g. social media, websites etc.?

Ricardo: We use the videos produced in Biteable in our social media, our website, and on the TV in our reception area. 

Biteable: How many videos have you made with Biteable?

Ricardo: We’ve produced more than 30 different videos.

Biteable: How much more or less effective do you think video has been compared to your other forms of communication?

Ricardo: Video is surely much more effective compared to other forms of communication. In Brazil, taxes are represented by the image of a lion. Through Biteable’s videos, we were able to produce very interesting content using our feared feline.

Biteable: Have you seen an increase in business since you started using Biteable?

Ricardo: We use different media to promote our business, so it is difficult to measure how much we grew due to the videos. However, we have noticed that clients see our company as more professional due to the videos we’ve produced.

Biteable: Do you have a favorite scene set?

Ricardo: There are so many options available that it’s difficult to choose a favorite. However, we often use “Frank”.

Biteable: What do you like most about Biteable?

Ricardo: The Premium footage.

Biteable: Thanks Ricardo! We love the premium footage too, but our favorite thing is seeing all the creative ways people use it!

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