Copywriter Louise Shanahan on saying thank you with style

Clients are at the heart of any service business. Without them, we die. Getting and retaining clients is a big part of the job description.
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That’s why forging strong relationships is so important.

So how do you show your clients just how much they mean to you in a way that feels natural?

That’s exactly what health copywriter Louise Shanahan wondered.

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Louise already provided exceptional service during projects but was looking to do more. She wanted to end each project on a high note — and to show her clients just how much working with them meant to her.

At the same time, Louise was looking for a solution to a different kind of challenge — she wanted to incorporate video into her business.

That’s when she found Biteable and came up with an exciting (and pretty innovative) idea — a way to use video to build stronger relationships and end each project with a bang.

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When we heard about Louise and what she was doing with Biteable, we thought it was such a great idea we knew we had to chat. Now we’d like to share that chat and some of Louise’s expertise with you.

Biteable: Tell us about your business and what you do there.

Louise: I’m a health copywriter over at The Copy Prescription. I help health brands and coaches boost sales and social momentum with smart, relevant marketing copy. I also write for non-profits and public sector organisations who want to explain something important, without going overboard on the policy-speak.

Biteable: How long have you been using Biteable?

Louise: About a year, after a friend recommended it.

Biteable: Why did you start using Biteable?

I’d seen the stats showing how important video marketing was becoming: 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video than read about a product, and including a video on landing pages increases conversion rates by 80%. Tough reading for someone who makes a living from writing!

Video marketing is such a huge opportunity for businesses, and I wanted to figure out how to incorporate it both as a potential service to my customers, and as part of my own marketing efforts at The Copy Prescription.

I was on the lookout for a video service that I could get to grips with quickly, that would have an element of quirkiness and fun but still look professional, and that wouldn’t be too expensive so I could experiment with different ways of incorporating video in my business. A friend recommended Biteable, and I’ve never looked back!

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Biteable: How are you using Biteable?

Louise: My favourite way to use Biteable is for thank you videos, which I send to clients at the end of a project to add a little ‘surprise and delight’ magic to their customer experience.

Previously, I’d send an email closing off the project, thanking them for the opportunity to work together and giving them a polite ’nudge’ to send a testimonial or refer me to others.

It occurred to me that sending a personal video would be a great way to surprise and delight my clients, and hopefully inspire even more positive reviews!

I’d originally planned to just record myself talking, but I was a little too shy when it came to filming myself talking! I realised I could make a simple, fun, and way more impressive video using Biteable.

They’re very simple, but the combination of a personalised message, humour, and the fact that I’ve gone to the effort to make them something unexpected goes down really well.

Biteable: What were your client’s reactions to your videos?

Louise: They love them! It’s a totally unexpected arrival in their inbox after our work together has ended. Most people reply instantly with glowing testimonials, so in that respect, they’re working!

Biteable: Have you got any hints or tips for other Biteable users who may be trying to do something similar?

Louise: I’ve created a template which I tweak for each client. I use the Clay scene set, as the little clay people are so endearing and the humour in these animations is right up my street.

I usually add in a couple of scenes so I can make a specific reference to the client’s project, the results we want them to get, or a reference to an in-joke that came up while we worked together.

It’s all very light-hearted, but there’s a serious message: I want them to know I’ve appreciated working with them and I’ve taken the time to make them this special thank-you video. It also makes asking for testimonials and referrals a little less awkward, which I know many service-based freelancers can find tricky.

A few well-placed videos along the client’s journey can really impress them and help nurture your relationship with them. It’s all about memorable customer service.

Biteable: Any hints or tips for writing good copy for Biteable videos in general?

Louise: Keep it simple — don’t have too many words per scene. Write as you would speak, so it’s natural and engaging, and make sure the words complement the animation.

For example, I use an animation of arrows hitting a target, and my message for that slide is about whether my work ‘hit the mark’, so I can then ask for feedback on the next slide. I also like to split the message across two scenes to keep people watching. Pique their curiosity!

“Keep it simple — don’t have too many words per scene. Write as you would speak, so it’s natural and engaging, and make sure the words complement the animation.”

Biteable: What has Biteable meant for your business?

Using Biteable to create these lovely thank you videos reinforces my brand and sense of humor.

There aren’t really any metrics to measure the impact they’ve had on my business, but I have definitely had a really positive reaction from clients, who’ve all sent me brilliant testimonials!

It’s harder to ignore a tailor-made video than an email that looks like all the rest of your project communications. It’s a way for me to stand out and show clients I go the extra mile.

Also, I just love making them! I look forward to getting to the end of a project so I can send them and imagine the client’s reaction when they see it.

Biteable: How much more or less effective do you think video has been compared to your other forms of communication?

Louise: Video is a really effective way to communicate with clients, and I think it’s massively overlooked compared to video marketing.

I think using video instead of email is a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd. Who wouldn’t love to receive a cheery, personalized message from tiny clay people, accompanied by a jaunty tune?! It’s a real attention-grabber.

I’m also experimenting with other ways of replacing standard business emails with videos — such as during the onboarding process with new copywriting clients, where I’ll use the scenes to set out the process for a copywriting project, so they know what to expect.

The best bit is that it doesn’t have to be too complicated or take too long. You don’t need to spend hours in an editing suite or need lots of expensive kit. You can even just jump on your phone and record your response to an email in a video, instead of hitting reply and typing it out.

It’s quick and easy, and the recipient feels like you’ve actually made more of an effort to record something just for them. Win-win!

Biteable: Do you have a favorite scene set?

Louise: Definitely the clay people!

Biteable: What do you like most about Biteable?

Louise: It’s easy to use, so you can build professional-looking videos in minutes, without spending hours trying to figure out how it works. It’s super simple to piece together scenes from the huge library, match to a tune, and create something unique that your clients will love.

Biteable: Thanks Louise!

If you’ve struggled to ask your clients for testimonials or want to end a project on a high note, send a short personalized video that shows your client how much you appreciate them.

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a great health copywriter, you can connect with Louise on LinkedInInstagramTwitter, or by visiting her website The Copy Prescription.

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