Stepping up your lead generation game with Rene de Paula Jr.

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Can video help you get more leads?

Can it help you raise awareness and drive people to your site even if you’re just starting out?

It sure can.

Rene De Paula, head of business strategies and partnerships at WF and a sought-after consultant, uses Biteable to create short, engaging videos for various clients in the tech sphere. His clients include WF’s Zuri, a low-code platform that helps businesses create custom digital solutions faster.

Video proved to be extremely effective at helping Rene (and Zuri) earn organic traffic and raise awareness about the business. Pages with video tend to be some of the best-performing ones on the site.

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Eager to learn more about his process and how adding video to his content marketing strategy has helped Rene help his clients, we spoke to him about his success.

Biteable: Tell us about yourself and your business.

Rene: A few years ago I decided to create my own company, offering content projects (mostly video) to various companies. I focused on tech companies because it’s a segment I’m quite familiar with and because tech companies tend to struggle communicating what they do.

Biteable: What’s one of the best ways you’ve used Biteable so far?

Rene: Right after creating my company I started working in parallel as a consultant in exponential technologies for two consultancies, ExO Works and the Fastrack Institute, that were connected to the Singularity University, a prominent Silicon Valley think tank.

One of the most interesting projects was a competition for an innovative solution for the public health situation in Medellin, Colombia, and I had the privilege of presenting the final pitch.

I’m Brazilian, which means I’m also Latin like the stakeholders in Medellin, and I used that fact to my advantage. All other consultants were from the USA, Canada, and Europe, and the cultural differences made it hard for them to really connect with the Colombian audience.

My final pitch was inspired by the excellent work of social psychologist Geert Hofstede about cultural differences to refine my approach. Hofstede argues that Americans are 93% individualistic while Colombians are only 14%, so they tend to respond better to a community focus. This, coupled with the fact that emotions and empathy play a huge role in Latin cultures, I decided to create a short video with Biteable that was engaging, emotional, and fun, as part of my pitch.

The video drew on values that were critical for the success of our idea, based on community power, personal involvement, and social empowerment.

This is one of the videos I made for the project.

The fact that Biteable has so many awesome templates and tracks, and that it’s a cloud platform, allowed me to progressively perfect my videos and achieve an impressive quality and impact while I was on the road.

Biteable: What else have you done with your Biteable videos?

Rene: I now work for tech company Zuri and I created over 50(!) short videos explaining what our platform does, how it works, and why we are better than the competition. Actually, I’m creating a one-minute video right now to test a new idea I just came up with.

You can take a look at some of our videos here.

Biteable: What measurable effects have your Biteable videos had?

Rene: One of my most successful experiments was to create short videos to be shared in WhatsApp (which is huge in Brazil) and, to my surprise, it generated a lot of promising leads. The conversion rate was higher than any other platform!

The fact that I’m able to create new videos at a fast pace allows me to always be present on social media, which is slowly impacting the awareness of our product (previously zero) and also starts interesting conversations and helps us find new leads.

Biteable: What different things do you do with your Biteable videos — e.g. social media, websites etc.?

Rene: We focus on creating one-minute videos that could be distributed on Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. This is a hugely innovative approach for a tech company, and makes a lot of sense to our brand because our tools are created not for IT people, but to help business users who may not be tech-savvy.

Biteable: What has Biteable meant for your business?

Rene: Biteable not only empowered our communication team (me, actually) but its agility and flexibility allows us to test new ideas and respond very quickly to whatever opportunity we face. Using it means we’re always ready to create the right video at the perfect moment.

“The company directors shared some of our Biteable videos with their contacts (mostly business decision makers) and the response was extremely positive. This was surprising, as those guys were not replying to any of our emails or calls beforehand!”

The WhatsApp story was quite surprising. The company directors shared some of our Biteable videos with their contacts (mostly business decision makers) and the response was extremely positive. This was surprising, as those guys were not replying to any of our emails or calls beforehand!

Biteable: Have you seen an increase in business since you started using Biteable?

Rene: Definitely yes. Most of our new leads come from my content strategy using Biteable videos to get leads through social media.

Biteable: How much more or less effective do you think video has been compared to your other forms of communication?

Rene: Video is effective — Brazilians are highly visual and we love videos and TV. The fact that our company is so proficient at delivering compelling videos make us a lot more competitive in our market.

Biteable: Do you have a favorite scene set?

Rene: I love the clay scenes and also Frank scenes, I have used them countless times.

Biteable: What do you like most about Biteable?

Rene: It has to be ease of use and the surprisingly professional end result. I was able to ideate, create, and publish 7 one-minute videos in a single day. That would be absolutely impossible without Biteable!

Biteable: Thank you, Rene!

Get more leads with video

When you’re first starting out, driving people to your site is hard, especially when you’ve got limited resources. By using Biteable videos to support his content marketing strategy, Rene managed to drive traffic to the business with zero investment in paid ads.

Want to drive traffic to your site and improve brand awareness? Add video to your content marketing strategy, because it’s only going to become a bigger deal in future.

Cisco predicts that by 2021, video will make up 82% of all consumer traffic. And according to recent research from HubSpot, 69% of people have decided to buy a piece of software or an app after watching a video about it.

Now’s the time to add video to your strategy and use it to grow your business. Biteable makes getting started super simple and even fun. With our easy-to-use templates, you can make your first video in less than ten minutes — anytime, anywhere.

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