Communicating diversity and inclusion: A mini-guide for businesses

We’ve all been there. You spend hours searching for diverse stock images and end up with only a handful of less-than-inspired options to choose from. It’s frustrating. You know communicating diversity and inclusion is important. The challenge is getting the material you need to show that diversity.

Finding diverse stock images is tough enough. Diverse video clips are even more rare. That being said, there are thoughtful solutions to this problem, including a number of options available directly within Biteable.

We’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about how we can help people visually communicate diversity and inclusion, especially when it comes to internal comms. This guide walks you through the options available in Biteable and how to customize those options to best represent your organization.

The importance of diversity and inclusion in communications

No matter what you’re communicating, representation is critical. Especially visual representation.

The written word is a good starting point, but to fully connect with your message, your audience needs to see themselves in that message. Even on a subconscious level, the images and video clips you use matter a lot.

This is particularly true for internal communications. Your goal, above and beyond trying to educate your people about the latest workplace initiative or get them to follow a new procedure, is to foster a sense of belonging and common understanding.

The employee experience hinges on people feeling valued and acknowledged. And it’s nearly impossible to create a positive team culture if people don’t feel seen for who they are. This all starts with representation.

But first, you need access to video clips and animations with the versatility to represent everyone in your organization.

Create videos that drive action

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Diverse assets available in Biteable

To help you get the diversity and representation you need for your videos, we’ve created several unique scene packs with animated characters that can be customized to match your audience. We use these same scene packs in our own internal comms as well as for our marketing videos.

To make it quick and easy for you to change the skin, hair, and clothing colors in your videos, we’ve even created color palettes that give you plenty of diverse, well-coordinated options. (We’ll show you those color pallets a little later in this guide.)

How to make diverse videos with Biteable

  1. Log into Biteable.
  2. Create a new video.
  3. Choose the Cindi, Diverse Workplace, or Services Explainer animation pack.
  4. Click on an animated scene to add it to your video.
  5. To customize the scene, highlight it in your video timeline.
  6. In the panel on the right, add your own text and customize the hair, skin, and clothing colors for each individual character.

Diverse animation packs

To make it easy to find animations that match your video goals, all of Biteable’s animations are curated into packs, based on themes

Each animation pack has scenes that you can add to your video with a single click.

When you select a scene, it automatically gets inserted into your video timeline. From there, you can customize it to reflect the diversity of your team as well as your company branding.

Every Biteable scene is designed with diversity and inclusion in mind. But we’ve built three special scene packs specifically to help HR pros, management, and other people ops specialists add representation to their internal comms.

1. Cindi

Cindi is our newest character (and the first 3D character in our lineup!) She’s the result of lots of thoughtful research and planning by our design team, with diversity and inclusion top of mind.

(If you’re interested in learning more about our design process for Cindi, we go over it in detail at the end of this guide.)

The positive feedback we’ve received since launching Cindi lets us know we’re on the right track and that more characters like Cindi are needed in the internal comms world.

Cindi is also beloved because she’s so personable and relatable. She brings an amazing energy to your policy videos and recruiting outreach. She can even present trainings for your teams. Unlike the other two animation packs on this list, we’ve opted to keep Cindi’s skin and hair color static. (We like her just the way she is.) But her clothing can be customized to match your brand and stand out in any color scheme.

2. Diverse workplace

Use the diverse workplace scenes to show your teams in action. The skin tones, hair colors, and clothing colors can be customized to represent everyone in your organization and match your company style. These scenes give you a broad range of characters to keep your videos fresh and engaging, reflect your team, and maintain a consistent style in all your video communication.

Services explainer

The services explainer pack is perfect for explaining processes and procedures with visuals that are relatable and engaging.

Each scene features people going through everyday scenarios that employees regularly find themselves in. Just like the Diverse Workplace pack, all the character colors — hair, skin tone, and clothing — can be customized. Use the services explainer scenes to create HR videos that put the people in your organization at the center of all your HR messages, in both appearance and action.

Changing skin and hair colors in your videos

The skin tones and hair colors you see in the Biteable scenes and templates are part of a color palette we designed very intentionally. Our goal is to make sure every scene and template represents a full range of diversity, without overwhelming.

But we also know that you might need to customize the characters in your videos to better match the demographics of your specific audience. To help you do this, we created the Biteable skin tone and hair color palettes.

These palettes are meant to help you make the changes you need without spending a lot of time on color choice. Even if you don’t have experience with design and color, you can be sure your characters will coordinate well while still representing your audience.

How to change skin tones and hair colors in Biteable

The skin tones and hair colors in the diverse workplace and services explainer scenes can be changed to accurately reflect your organization or the organization you’d like to become.

If you’d like to change the skin tone or hair colors in any Diverse Workplace or Services Explainer scene, simply click the scene you’d like to edit in the timeline. Then select the block with the character figures in the scene workspace.

The animation colors in the right-hand panel show the current skin tones and hair colors. Click on any color you want to change to bring up the color selection panel, where you can choose a new color.

What Biteable designers recommend

Of course, you’ll want to keep the colors consistent from scene to scene. Below are the skin tone and hair colors we use in Biteable videos and templates.

Diverse skin tones

These are the skin tone colors and hex codes we use.

Diverse hair colors

The Biteable hair colors present plenty of diversity, without making your characters look cartoonish.

How Biteable designs for diversity

Biteable scenes and characters have to work for all of our customers, all around the world, in every industry. So we put a lot of thought into every aspect of our characters’ appearance.

To show you what we mean, here’s the design process we used to create our new Cindi character.


Biteable characters need to work for video creators in all industries and in all cultures. Our characters must look like they could be a student just as easily as they could be an experienced software engineer. That meant finding an outfit for Cindi that struck the right balance of business and casual, with a universal style.

As you can see, we experimented with several different options before arriving at a simple shirt and pants outfit that we could imagine fitting into any workplace and culture.

Body shape

Body shape is a tricky one, because it’s not only about creating a character with a body that’s most relatable to the broadest audience. Body shape and size also has implications for the perceived age of the model.

This boiled down to finding a body shape that was somewhere in the middle of the body size spectrum.

Of course, the body shape has to match the clothing style, too. These first ideas needed a little reworking. The end result was a combination of these first iterations.

In this iteration, the colors may still be a little over the top. But the body shape and clothing style is on point.

Professional design decisions

The colors have to be right for all sorts of use cases. Customers use Biteable for marketing, HR videos, and personal videos.

All our templates are customizable. The background color can be changed. And some Biteable users are going to add things like logos. That means Cindi’s clothing color must be such that her outfit doesn’t disappear or clash with too many background colors.

Obviously, it’s impossible to make the color scheme work for every possible color. But the goal was to choose colors that work well with most other color combinations, without being a common background or graphic color.

Cindi’s clothing color can be changed to fix any color clashes or matches that cause visual issues. But, for us here at Biteable, Cindi’s base colors need to work in as many color schemes as possible.

Cindi’s final design

Ultimately, we settled on a final design that featured editable clothing colors, a diverse skin tone, and subtle light reflections in the hair to ensure that Cindi would be totally visible, even on a dark background.

This makes Cindi relatable to any audience and useful to video creators in any industry. And Cindi is easy for both Biteable animators and Biteable customers to work with because she fits into any sort of template or video

We took a similar approach into designing the characters in our Diverse Workplace and Services Explainer scene packs.

Yes, Cindi is our most complex character yet. But all of our video templates feature characters that were deliberately designed to represent everyone in your audience.

Take your D&I efforts to the next level with Biteable Teams

Biteable’s diverse scene packs give you the power to put your diversity and inclusion ethos into action and build representation into all your messaging. Everyone will feel included, and you’ll make more impact with important messages. It’s a win for everyone.

If you’re ready to take your D&I efforts to the next level, Biteable Teams is the way to go. Make unmissable messages your new normal with trackable, branded videos in an easy-to-use, collaborative workspace.

You’ll be a video-making machine before you can say “3D Cindi is the coolest character around.”

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.