How to make engaging videos for teaching remotely

COVID-19 is creating all kinds of new challenges around the world, one of which is being felt keenly by teachers: distance education. Teaching remotely throws all kinds of new obstacles at educators.

Video is one of the easiest ways to engage children at a distance and thankfully, videos are quick and easy to make with Biteable. Use short videos to explain a theme, present a topic, or explain how something works.

If you’re teaching older children, put them in the director’s chair and use Biteable to teach them storytelling and video creation in a fun way.

Watch this video for a sample of the learning content that’s ready for you (and your students) to edit in Biteable.

Elementary school

With young children, your biggest goal is to make learning fun. To achieve this with video, focus on colorful animation and age-appropriate content like cartoon characters.

If your class responds particularly well to a certain character, try making a series of videos with the same character. Or choose one scene pack per subject so your class knows what they’ll be learning based on the characters they see.

Try it yourself with one of the following scene packs. Hit the edit button to get started, then mix and match scenes to your liking. Next, add your text and change the colors. Finish by publishing and sharing the link.

High school

As kids get older, so do their standards and their curiosity. Teaching with video offers two big opportunities for teachers.

The first is using video for presentations. Keep teenage learners engaged longer with videos that excite the eye and the mind.

The second opportunity is using video as a creative learning tool. By giving students the role of video creator, they learn communication skills, storytelling, and the art of succinct writing.

For your projects and theirs, choose from animation, images, and footage. Try one of these templates to get started.

College, university, and training

When you’re working with adults, you want content to suit. If you teach a broad topic, you’ll also need plenty of it.

Short videos have many applications in adult learning, from course overviews and introductions to in-depth subject explanations and bonus learning material. Video is also an easy way to add spice to dry topics.

Edit one of the following templates to get a feel for how video could work in your virtual classroom. All Biteable content can be mixed-and-matched, giving you the freedom to personalize your learning material just right.

How to make teaching videos quickly

We know you, and all teachers, are strapped for time. Particularly now as you have to rethink your learning approach and adjust to teaching remotely. To make this transition possible, you’ll need a host of new tools.

For your video creation, we recommend giving Biteable (who else?) a try. Biteable is the world’s simplest video maker and is ideal for creating content when time is limited.

Biteable has everything you need built-in. It comes complete with 1.8 million images and footage clips, a huge selection of animation, and a sizeable music library.

To get started fast, dive into our expansive template library and pick a style that matches your teaching. Then mix-and-match scenes, edit text, change colors, and add music if you feel like it.

Try Biteable and find out how video can help your teaching today. It’s free to get started.

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