How MediCompare increased conversions and lowered their bounce rate with one video

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One of our favorite things to do (besides creating awesome animated scenes for you) is speaking to people who’ve used Biteable to grow and improve their business. Who doesn’t love a good success story!?

Today, we’ve got one from Daniel Tannenbaum, co-founder of UK health insurance broker MediCompare.

MediCompare is a new healthcare comparison site for UK medical and health insurance products. They’re a health insurance matchmaker, using a data-driven approach to help people find the best policy based on their age and postcode. The team has been using Biteable for just over three months, with great success. We spoke to Daniel recently about how he’s used Biteable to put MediCompare on the map.

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Biteable: Why did you decide to try Biteable?

Daniel: We failed to find any online video software that was easy to use, good value for money, and that looked very professional. Biteable ticked all the boxes, and we were up and running very quickly. No need for tutorials. Anyone can learn how to use it.

Biteable: Why did you decide to use a Biteable video on the MediCompare landing page?

Daniel: We were looking all over the web for some great instructional videos that we could put together and display on the site. Looking at other whiteboard-style videos, they generally looked unprofessional and were very hard to edit and produce.

When we found Biteable, it ticked all the boxes. It was professional, helped us make high quality videos, was easy to put together and offered a great variety of designs.

Biteable: How do you use your Biteable videos?

Daniel: We upload them to YouTube and Vimeo, and share them on social media. We also send links to prospective clients and partners to give an overview of our product.

Biteable: What measurable effects did your Biteable video have?

Daniel: We saw our conversion rates increase by over 20%, as users were able to see how our product works and is different to everything else out there. In terms of user experience, we found the average time on-site increased from 1 minute, 30 seconds to 2 minutes, 15 seconds, and our bounce rate went down from 61% to 39%.

“We saw our conversion rates increase by over 20%, as users were able to see how our product works and how it is different to everything else out there.”

Biteable: Have you seen an increase in business since you started using Biteable?

Daniel: Yes, we’ve seen conversion rates increased, which has has led to 17% more policies being taken out since we launched the videos 3 months ago.

Biteable: How did you react to the success of the video?

Daniel: We were really excited. It helped us engage our customers, show our legitimacy, and ultimately increased our conversion rates.

Biteable: How much more or less effective do you think video has been compared to your other forms of communication?

Daniel: I believe that more and more users prefer to watch videos for 30 seconds rather than read text. It’s all about engaging the user. It’s key that every website today shows instructional or promotional videos as well as text and images.

Biteable: What has Biteable meant for your business?

Daniel: It’s helped MediCompare educate customers and showcase the products we offer whilst being very SEO-friendly, and has increased user engagement and conversions.

Biteable: What do you like most about Biteable?

Daniel: The videos are neatly compressed, which is great for SEO and means they don’t take up a lot of space or limit the site speed. We like how professional the videos look and how easy they are to put together.

Biteable: Thanks, Daniel!

Crafting your own Biteable story

Just by making a short video for their home page, the MediCompare team saw a 20% increase in conversions and a 17% increase in policy purchases. Those are some pretty incredible results.

Adding a video to your site doesn’t have to take a long time or be prohibitively expensive. Biteable can help you make short, super-shareable videos easily and cheaply, and you can get started for free straight away.

Check out our extensive template library and start creating. If you want to take things to the next level, you can even upload your own footage and add a voiceover!

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