Crowdfunding campaign video guide

Looking to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign? Whether you’re using Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or another platform, you’ll need a crowdfunding video to reach your goal. Including a video in your Kickstarter campaign can literally make or break your chance of success: projects with videos succeed at a rate of 50%, while projects without videos only succeed at a rate of 30%. On Indiegogo, the stats are even more telling: campaigns that use a pitch video raise 115% more money than campaigns that just use a simple image.

Luckily, we created this handy guide with crowdfunding video tips and examples of successful crowdfunding videos so you know what it takes to launch a great Kickstarter campaign. Read on for ideas and strategies for creating a Kickstarter or Indiegogo video!

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Kickstarter video tips

Let’s start with the basics. Your script needs to include some fundamental information: who you are, where the idea came from, how far along in development you are, and how you feel about it.

Next, make sure you ask for the viewer’s support. Explain why you need it, and what you’ll do with the money. Mention two or three rewards – but don’t go overboard. A common mistake is for videos to list every reward your campaign is offering. Give the viewer a teaser of what you’re giving away, and start to build their enthusiasm. Finally, end your video by reminding the viewer that if you don’t reach your goal, you’ll be very disappointed and so will they.

With this foundation, now’s the time to get creative. Consider adding captions, subtitles, gifs, images, or sound clips. Always focus on the benefits of a product first, since that’s what your viewer is really trying to understand. Keep it personal: backers feel more excited about a product when they connect with the team behind it. Showing your passion is key to recruiting support.

Last, and certainly not least, don’t forget to include your ask at the end of the video. You’ve been building energy and inspiration to this point. Now it’s time to reiterate exactly what you need. If you want someone to contribute, or spread the word, remind them to go ahead and do just that!

Kickstarter campaign video

How to create a Kickstarter video

Creating an effective non-profit crowdfunding campaign video doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t require fancy equipment, but there are some simple ingredients you need.

First, make sure your audio is clear. Shoot in a quiet area, and make sure you have a clear, straightforward script. You can shoot using a webcam or a smartphone. For the best audio, you can use headphones and a microphone. If you’re using a webcam, shoot in a small room or in a space with no background noise.

Find lots of natural light, and make sure the camera faces away from the brightest light. If you do use a smartphone, make sure to record the video while holding the camera horizontally. A tripod would be great, or at the least you could rest your elbows on something solid for a steady shot. If you’re a little camera-shy, you can use props – like a prototype, or images on a desk – and narrate in the background.

Fore more tips on shooting a great crowdfunding campaign video, check out this tutorial from Kickstarter.

Kickstarter video format

Kickstarter videos must be 250MB or less, and can be uploaded as MOV, MP4, or WMV files. If you’re curious about tech specs, Kickstarter takes all file uploads and creates a 640 x 360 (16:9 ratio) version to display on your project page. You can also embed a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, if you prefer not to upload directly to Kickstarter.

If you’re including gifs or sound clips in your pitch, Kickstarter recommends keeping these files under 5MB so they’re easily shareable.

Kickstarter also gives you the option to add subtitles and captioning to your main video project. Just save your uploaded video, select the language you’re adding subtitles or captioning in, and click “Add Track” to get started.

Kickstarter Video Length

The bottom line: keep it short and sweet. The goal of the video is to get potential backers excited enough to read on. The video should be three minutes long or less.

Remember, the crowdfunding video is just one part of your whole campaign, you can use the rest of your page or profile to get into the details! The shorter the video, the more likely people are to make it to the end – and to your call to action.

4 successful crowdfunding video examples

Ready to make a crowdfunding video of your own? Check out these 4 successful crowdfunding video examples.

1. 3Doodler 3D Pen

3Doodler 3D Pen: Raised $2,344,134

In this video, the founders keep their pitch under 3 minutes. The crowdfunding campaign video does a fantastic job of showcasing the 3D doodling pen product. They lead with its benefits, its uniqueness, and by describing who would enjoy using a 3D printing pen. Then, the founders include a bit about their personal story, including how far along the product is and what their crowdfunding campaign aims to accomplish. The pitch is clear, concise, and powerful!

2. Cuddle + Kind

Talk about inspirational! This video focuses on the founder’s story, highlighting the moment they were motivated to start the project. The rich imagery strongly showcases the adorable, hand-crafted dolls. Meanwhile, the moving story features several close-ups of kids cuddling the dolls, juxtaposed with children eating meals donated through the campaign. The campaign video is successful because it creates a moving narrative that makes the viewer want to be a part of something that just feels good.

3. Flula and the Making of Johnny Fist

This is weird, but certainly effective. YouTube star Flula Borg’s pitch video is brimming with enthusiasm and good fun: you can’t look away from this fast moving pitch for a movie within a movie (or something?). Flula launches into his first-person perspective pitch while running down the street, only to reveal there’s a camera crew also filming. He energetically explains the project while switching between these two perspectives, offering a taste of what the final project could look like should Flula reach his funding goals (and he did!)

4. Crowdfunding video made With Biteable

Crowdfunding Introduction – Alan Payne

Here’s a great example of a user-made, Biteable crowdfunding video. It’s a good idea, explained well, it looks good, and barely cost anything to produce. You could even make one yourself with Biteable.

Check out the video templates library here!

No matter what crowdfunding platform you choose, keep this guide in mind when creating your campaign video. Give your product the best chance at success by making sure you tell your story with heart, keeping it short and simple, and reminding people how to get involved at the end. Then sit back, and watch backers flock to your page!

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