How to make red-hot YouTube intro videos

YouTube intros have the power to make or break your channel. You’ll use your intro again and again, so it needs to be visually stunning and super engaging. In this post we explain how to make intros that are big on engagement and light on work.

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What makes a good intro?

There are 1.9 billion YouTube users watching 1 billion hours of video on the platform every day. For your video to stand out in the crowd, it needs to be eye-catching, smart, and immediately captivating. From the moment a viewer hits ‘Play’ on your YouTube video, your intro needs to hook them in, keep them watching, and leave them wanting more. Think interesting visuals, a catchy soundtrack, and on-brand messaging.

The idea of creating a winning intro might seem daunting with so much competition, but with a professional template it’s easy to create intros you can use over and over for your brand. Take a look at our intro maker for some inspiration and check out our top tips for a tip-top intro.

Keep it short and sweet

People are easily distracted, so we recommend keeping your intro under 15 seconds. Videos up to two minutes in length get the most engagement, so that gives you ample time to deliver a punchy intro and follow up with the rest of your brand message.

Delight and surprise

Your intro needs to be visually engaging to capture attention. Using short scenes, bright colors, and a zippy pace is ideal. Music, animation, and unexpected pattern interrupts can all help get viewers to sit up and pay attention to your video.

Explain what they’ll get

In your intro, make it clear what you’ll teach your viewers or how you’ll entertain them. You need to grab a viewer’s attention in the first few seconds for them to have the best chance of watching your video to completion.

Reflect your brand

Keep the colors and visual style within the existing world of your business identity. Your brand identity is the heart and soul of your business. When someone sees your intro they should immediately be able to tie it back to you.

If you make a bunch of wildly different intros that are way off brand, the inconsistency can confuse viewers and dilute the power of your messages.

Intro templates to get you started

Making intros using complicated video software can be time-consuming and expensive, but there’s a smarter way. Biteable has lots of templates you can use to make your YouTube intros in no time. These are our a few of our favorites.

Intro template

A super simple template to get you started. Add your logo or channel name, any other text you might need, and you’re done. It’s that easy.

Short and sweet intro

If you’re just excited for viewers to get to the content, look no further than this quick and snappy intro template. Add your logo or channel name to the eye-catching motion graphics and have a jaw-dropping intro in minutes.

Gaming intro

Looking for a gaming intro? As it happens, we’ve got just the thing. We’ve packed intro scenes with cool graphics to make these short, snappy intros. Check it out:

Quick editing tips for great results

Now you’ve taken a look through our library of intro templates and found a few that caught your eye, it’s time to flex your editing muscles.

All our templates are super easy to customize, whether you just need to swap out some text or take it further by mixing and matching scenes, sounds, and elements.

Here’s a few tips to get you started.

Keep your copy short and succinct

Your video intro copy should be sharp and snackable. Make it clear who you are and what your viewers can expect to see on your channel. Giant walls of text are hard to read and take the fun out of your intro.

Make the colors match your brand

Brand identity is one of the keys to a successful YouTube intro. Having on-brand colors makes you immediately recognizable to your audience, even if your logo appears later in the video.

Color consistency helps with cohesion and structure across your YouTube channel. It also makes it easier for your viewers to find you if they’re trying to find your videos in their search feed.

Go for short over long

Think of your intro as the ‘elevator pitch’ for your video. It should introduce your video content in much the same way you’d introduce it if you were speaking in person. Don’t let your intro become ‘that guy’ at the party who bores everyone to tears with a long, boring story. Be snappy, smart, and memorable — then let the rest of your video do the talking.

Delete any scenes you don’t want

Our templates make it easy to edit the parts you like and remove the scenes you don’t need. We’ve made it as fast and painless as possible to create polished, professional intros that you’ll love.

Mix and match new scenes that you like

Found the perfect template but want to steal a couple of scenes from a different template? You’re in luck! You can do just that by adding the scenes you want right into your timeline.

Adding a new scene to your intro timeline takes a couple of clicks and you can keep adding and deleting scenes until your intro is ready.

Change the music

If you were thinking how much Chingy’s ‘Right Thurr’ would be perfect for your intro music, or maybe Elton John’s underrated classic ‘Skyline Pigeon’, think again. Dragging and dropping an MP3 that isn’t yours into your YouTube intro is a fast track to bankruptcy. There’s always somebody watching (and listening), so it’s best to play it safe and avoid that eleventy billion dollar copyright infringement fine.

Luckily, we’ve sorted all the copyright stuff out so all tracks in the Biteable music library are free for you to use. We’ve also put together a guide to some stock music sites that will help you find the perfect royalty-free soundtrack to your YouTube intro.


All our templates are ready to upload to YouTube the moment you’ve finished editing. If you’re using different software, we recommend you use the trusty 16×9 aspect ratio to make your intro.

YouTube supports standard video formats of MP4 and MOV, and if you want to create a video of titanic proportions, you’ll be pleased to know your completed video can be up to 12 hours long.

With Biteable’s professional, user-friendly intro templates you can start creating and feeling like a pro in a matter of minutes. Join the millions of other video creators on YouTube and get ready to take your brand to the next level.

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