Why you need polls and questions on your social channels

Do you like polls? Or do you really like polls?

We, for one, love polls! Social media is a two-way street and nothing brings about interaction like polls, questions, and calls for feedback.

These interactive content types are one of the most powerful tools marketers can incorporate into their social media campaigns. Polls and questions easily grab attention and cause users to pause, think, and react.

To help you understand how polls and questions can benefit your video marketing, let’s take a look at the why and how of using this versatile content type.

1. Polls increase engagement

Polls and questions are great for engagement. They demand minimal effort from your audience which makes the chance of a reaction higher. It barely takes a second to answer a poll with a single click. This makes polls both attractive and effective.

EGO, a shoe brand, knows how to capture attention by engaging people with what’s trending amongst their audience. Look how EGO engages on Instagram stories by asking whether their audience prefers season one or two of Money Heist.

2. Polls help generate leads

Polls open gates to lead generation without making audiences wary. The engaging experience of a social poll creates value for both you and your audience. And, when you provide value, people become more comfortable sharing information with you. In fact, attaching a lead form to send results or special offers can make an interaction feel even more natural.

Heart Handmade created a “Would you rather have” poll to understand the preferences of its audience. Have a look at how strategically it places the led gen form in the beginning. By being upfront, the brand can be sure that those completing the form are genuinely interested and relevant leads.

3. Instant social proof

Now, while we might not always realize or admit it, we look for acceptance from others. This is called “social proof”.

Polls and questions are not just about asking for information. They are a tool that can influence opinions, behavior, and decisions. One study found that 49% of consumers rely on influencer recommendations on social media to make informed purchase decisions.

Experts tell us that we get a kick of Oxytocin, the “happy hormone”, when we feel included or part of the crowd. This, combined with the influencing power of polls, can help create brand fans.

Walmart hosted a poll asking how many people like chocolate or gummies with their popcorn. Now, isn’t that a delicious poll?

4. Free product feedback & market research

Companies pay a lot of money these days for product feedback. They also use social listening tools to research their brand perception and demand.

We say, why not directly ask your customers? For free!

Use your social media platforms to connect to your customers (and lookalike audiences) to get pure, honest feedback. Most will gladly give it for free.

Direct insights from your audience can be a brilliant opportunity to identify issues and improve your product offering or campaigns.

Colourpop Cosmetics wanted to launch a new range of beauty products. It polled the opinion of actual users and aspirants to understand their needs.

5. Brand positioning & awareness

Which brand wouldn’t want happy customers to spread kind words about its community and product?

Polls have a unique way of making customers feel like they are a stakeholder in a brand. Seeking customer input not only shows that communication isn’t a one-way street, but it also shows that you are listening. Revealing poll results also lets the audience see where they stand as opposed to popular opinion.

Target tapped into issues of race in America to let its customers know that they care. Polls can help build a community and reinforce your brand values.

6. Better lead segmentation and scoring

Around 54% of people browsing on social media use social platforms to find products. However, these social browsers demand personalized product recommendations.

If you sell multiple products or services, social media polls can be an excellent tool to help segment your leads. You can create a simple segmentation funnel by asking your leads which product they like better. Then, target your segments with offers for the product they like best.

For example, Aston Martin, a luxury car brand, used a question poll in its Instagram story to understand the geography and demography of the audience it caters to.

7. Registrations & event invitation

Do you have an upcoming social media event or webinar? Create an event on Facebook, it has an attendance poll built in, then further promote your event with story polls. Create a simple RSVP story with radio buttons like “Attending? – yes/no.” This will quickly help you estimate attendees.

Walmart wanted to host a Thanksgiving event in their local stores. What’s better than a poll to get an estimate of the interested people? People clicked on “Interested” or “Going” to show interest.

Ideas for polls and questions that engage on social media

Convinced, but not sure how to create polls that attract? Check out these question ideas for story polls that are bound to boost engagement on your social media!

“Would you rather” questions

  • Would you rather: A) See your future B) Read others’ minds

  • Would you rather have: A) 5 close friends B) 10,000 Instagram followers

  • Would you rather speak: A) 5 languages B) To ghosts

“What’s your favorite” questions

  • What’s your favorite travel destination? A) Hill stations B) Beaches

  • What’s your favorite social media platform? A) Facebook B) Instagram C) Twitter

  • Who is your favorite Money Heist character? A) Berlin B) The Professor C) Nairobi

Funny poll questions

  • If animals could talk, which one would be the funniest? A) Frog B) Bunny C) Bear D) Elephant

  • If you were a dog, which one would you want to be? A) Labrador B) Poodle C) Husky D) German Shepherd

  • Would you rather.. A) Prank someone B) See someone getting pranked

“This or that” poll questions

  • What do you love more? A) Dog B) Cat

  • Are you a… A) Coffee person B) Tea person

  • What do you prefer to watch? A) YouTube B) Netflix

“Only one thing” questions

  • If you could have only one color of dresses, what would it be?

  • If you could listen to only one genre of music, what would it be?

  • If you get to eat only one type of food, what would you choose?

Ready to poll?

Polls are super simple and easy to create, but you can’t underestimate them! Choosing the right social media poll designs and ideas can help you cater to your audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Right from awareness and consideration to the decision-making process, polls have the power to engage and drive relevant leads into your sales funnel.

Make a video story now and stick a poll on it in Instagram.

About the author

Etee Dubey is a full-time content marketer at Outgrow and a part-time dreamer. In her free time, she catches up with her reading and explains the meaning of her eccentric name to the people around her.

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